On television I heard you talk about shortcuts in learning to play the piano using your method. How does it work?

We heard many times that there is not a thing in life that comes easy.

However I feel it is OK to take ethical shortcuts., As most smart people do.

I do not want my students to waste time learning any of the old concepts they never going to use.

I do not want to teach my students anything that is not going to improve their piano playing, or voice training.

In writing the program I discovered a way of teaching that breaks down the most complicated concepts in music into a simple count of 1, to 5, most 4 year old’s are familiar with. This discovery alone saves us years of learning, and with all the shortcuts you can reach the desire levels in the least amount of time and effort.

What makes this program so special?

To my knowledge, this is the only program based on logic, and understanding of everything the student  plays. Also, the students are trained in every music category from jazz,  classical, rock, country, to popular music.  Once the student understand the simple concepts, Instant results can be achieved in the least amount of time.

Do I need special talent in order to succeed in this program?

Because the entire program is based on logic and understanding, you can easily master the ability to play. All you need is the ability to count to 5.

When I was a child I was forced to study piano and hated all the finger exercises and scales. Do you think I should try again?

Yes, you should try again.  I’m sure you will succeed because this new program is based on understanding and fun and not repetitive scale and exercises

When I was a kid my parents were told by my piano teacher, that I was a bad student, and I could never learn to play the piano. Can you tell me your opinion on the subject?

In my opinion there are no bad students, only some bad teachers. If a teacher is unable to reach a student, there is only one explanation: the teacher simply does not know how to reach, and keep the students interest

At what age should one study piano or voice?

Because the uniqueness of this program, even a child of 4 can understand and learn the musical concepts and no one is too old, and for sure it is never too late, to start having fun with music

How much time do I need to practice?

Because the program is based on the student’s ability to understand, and have fun, the student can become successful with out an overwhelming amount of practice. Also students report, that the practice becomes so enjoyable, they look forward to their practice.