In my many years of coaching and preparing professional singers for television, and recording studios, it never failed to amaze me how singers, canters, teachers, and other performers abuse their voices and cause a life time damage to their vocal cords. The damage  is mostly due to lack of proper voice training.  Although In some cases the singers  may be well trained, but during the exitement of the the performances seem to forget what they learned, reverting to bad habits of the past, as a result using their voice incorrectly.

Have you ever noticed a new born baby cry? The baby seem to get louder with each passing hour, the baby’s voice never gets tired. If you tried to scream and cry like the baby for a long time, you are going to lose the quality in your voice, or lose the voice all together for a day or two.

The reason the baby can do it in the first few months of life, is because he is using his lungs and vocal cords, the way nature meant them to be used.

Sadly around the third month of life, the baby starts developing some lazy habits, and no longer able to perform in the same manner.

With the proper teacher your main goal is to always keep your voice healthy, because A STRAINED VOICE DOES NOT DEVLOP.

That brings me to a very important point you should consider in choosing your voice teacher. Many voice coaches try to impress their students, by making the students strained their vocal cords trying to reach higher, or lower notes during the lesson. However, when the student gets back home and the vocal cords had the time to cool off, the student can no longer reach those higher or lower notes. NOTHING IS GAINED FROM THIS TYPE OF LESSON. Only harm can come of it.

Another point to consider in choosing a voice teacher. Is must make sure the teacher is able to coach you in your own singing style. In the event you don’t have a style of singing as of yet. The teacher needs to know how to build you a style of singing that is unique to you. You don’t want to sound like other singers.

With the help of a good vocal teacher you’ll be able build a style of your own, while developing your voice at the same time. By developing your own style of singing, you give yourself a much better chance to succeed.

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